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Opal Storage

Australia’s favourite opal storage

Opal Storage is an advanced Battery Energy Storage System (BESS+). Our storage system is specifically designed for customers. The unique design includes not only the battery, BMS and inverter in the cabinet but also the solar array DC switch, battery DC circuit breakers and all AC circuit breakers inbuilt. All DC and AC cables are prewired, which helps installers dramatically reduce solar system installation time. Thus the true Plug & Play solution is provided to our installers. Opal Storage is an IP54 water and dust protected product. It can be easily installed for either indoor or outdoor. The idea of BESS+ is beneficial for the customer to provide a clean install site with the Opal Storage cabinet. No additional components are required as you will primarily run your input DC cables in from the roof and output AC cables to the switchboard.

Optional monitoring

Reposit controller is fully compatible with Opal Storage and is readily accessable. Using Reposit controller, it can help store the excess solar produced during the day, so you are able to harness cheap and clean solar energy at night. Reposit helps to sell your power back to the grid when the prices are highest to lower your power bill using GridCredits so you can be less dependent on the grid.

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